Dandelion Healing

Health in western society is a mysterious complicated and sometimes seen as expensive part of life that we have to “deal” with to live a long and normal life. We have to go to the doctor to be prescribed synthetic medicines for high blood pressure and people buy numerous products off the shelves for detox and weight loss without even wondering what is inside. Isnt it funny that we feel so disconnected to our own health, it is OURS isnt it? Why does being healthy automatically seem difficult and unsatisfying to many? To me I think it is because of our disconnection and belief that we need to rely on medical company’s and professional knowledge outside of ourselves and the environment. Of course we need professionals to help heal us! However we are not helpless body’s wondering around. Our Mother (nature) provides healing and nutritious plants available to anyone who wishes to discover them. Once you start learning about the plants in your backyard that you thought were useless weeds its pretty empowering. Learning the ways the Earth provides for creation also is humbling and helps us grow spiritually as we gain respect for something greater than ourselves.

As part of my growth with mother nature I have been passionate about making teas with plants I can find outside. My favorite so far is the bountiful yet overlooked dandelion!

Dandelion is easily identifiable and is sturdy and can grow anywhere. You can tell by its round yellow flower when it first blooms and the magical whispy seeds the bloom transforms into. However in cooler months when there is no flower you can identify the dandelion by it’s leaves which are long and jagged. Dandelion comes from the French word that means lions tooth due to the look of the leaves.


Dandelion roots contain many antioxidants to help fight free radicals in your system. Also there have been studies that have shown promising effects on dandelion root in preventing and treating cancer. Dandelion was used as a folk cure for liver and gallbladder cleansing as daily intake of this root promotes the flow of bile from the body detoxifying the liver. The root also appeals the the health of our second brain a.k.a our gut by providing it with inulin which feeds our gut bacteria.


Dandelion leaves also contain magic of there own. They are high in vitamin A which promotes eye health as well as vitamin K. They also contain vitamin C and have fiber as well as more protein than Spinach. As well as dandelion root dandelion leaves have shown to have liver health effects as well. Many claim that consumption of dandion tea aids in skin and hair health as well.


Dandelion tea is a strong, earthy tea that makes a perfect relaxing health ritual you can create yourself from your own backyard. When collecting dandelions try to go from a place you know has not had and chemicals used on the land. You will not be able to pull it out you will have to dig into the earth some so the the roots let go. I use this time to really feel and connect with the earth and I get my hands a little dirty and be thankful and in awe of mother nature. It is a time to truely meditate and get connected to our free primal selves that used to live with nature.

You will use the leaves and the roots when making your tea so collect the whole.

Clean the leaves and root and cut the into thin pieces.

You can toss it right into boiling water of you want to. OR you can dry the leaves and roots in the oven like I do. 8 minutes for the leaves and 15 for the root, then grind them up into a mixture and store it in a cool dry place for later use.

Once the leaves and root are in the water I like to let it simmer for about 30 minutes or until the water is a dark amber.

Drain your tea and drink 🙂

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