Stormy Days and Reflection

    The hypnotic chorus of raindrops that lulls me into a spell… a spell that only a storm can cast. Sending my mind into the deep trenches of my earthly self. 

     There is something truely enchanting about a heavy rain or a strong storm. I look at the rain encompassing all open surfaces. Wetting the grass and flowers, sending an aroma of refreshing earth. 

      At times of a storm I desire to be alone. These are the only times I can relax and go inside my mind fully. When it is sunny and the world is out and busy it is hard to completely relax. Storms are moments for cleansing and reflecting on yourself. 

       I also like to go into the storm out from the comfort of my home. Throw my body into the madness of mother nature and feel the wind and rain and power. I imagine myself absorbing some of the natural power that occurs during storms and allow it to give me strength. Let the rain drench you without hesitation and feel the moist grass on your feet. Look at the water drops on the grass. How the water gives the grass life. 

     During this particular storm I tried to capture in my pictures what I like to do during storms and capture the beauty of rain. 

      I was looking at the rain soaking into the grass and washing everything clean. I imagined the rain as thoughts and the earth my mind. I can cleanse and nourish my mind with my thoughts and my thoughts should be loving and supportive just like the rain is to the grass and flowers and trees. My thoughts like the rain will help my mind bloom. But if your mind is dry like the dessert, nothing can grow there. 
   Enjoy these pictures and next time it rains embrace those rare moments and try to get a moment alone to think.

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