Accepting all Versions of Yourself

      I think of myself as half free-spirited angel mixed with self-loathing monster. Very dramatic differences I know, but for many of us we can see a split in ourselves, one that is more dark and one that is light as well as anything in between. This fluctuating change in feelings and thoughts is nothing short of exhausting. One moment you feel like a beautiful bad ass that’s going to kick life in the face and the next moment you feel like a disgusting worm and a failure. I’m not going to tell you that your dark side is an illusion and that you are all light and good because that is not true. 

     It is important to embrace all sides of yourself. You can’t have light without the dark and you can’t fully love yourself by putting the dark version of yourself deep down and ignoring it only for it to bubble up dramatically and cause conflict. Before I accepted myself I was very troubled, I thought I was just a negative dark person and I was no good. It took me years to learn how to deal with my sensitivity which now aids me and my darkness guides my creativity. I am going to tell you a way to help control and love all sides of yourself!

  •   Sit down and relax 
  •  Grab a pen and paper

Do this at a time when you are in a somewhat good mood. Now think of all the different aspects of yourself, start off with the good, for example, you might at times be playful and energetic. Feel that energy and how you feel at these moments and then give that side of you a name! The name I gave my playful energetic side is Foxy and whenever I feel like I need that part of me or whenever I feel this way at bad timing it helps give me control over my emotions and actions.  
    Do this for the dark side of you as well and have fun with it, feel and own the dark, emo aspects of your personality and give it whatever name feels natural.   The one darker part of me that is quick to frustration and argumentative I named Ell. Whenever I feel Ell start to surface I talk to that part of me and it helps me control those emotions instead of letting them bombard me.
    Doing this has also made me realize that my dark sides, even though they may cause struggles also are needed. My easy to anger, Ell aids me when I need to stick up for myself if I am being pushed around. Without that part of me I would would be taken advantage of by others.
    This may seem like strange advice and maybe you won’t find it helpful. But it is something fun to do and can help you learn more about who you are. Remember in the dark is where the stars shine! 


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